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Auto Clave -

Kiln/ Furnace automation High temperature furnaces/ kilns of different variety with electrically heated or Gas, Oil or dual fuel fired system are in use for ceramic and glass process.

The process are on pre-heating, firing zone, rapid cooling zone, cooling zones. Process gas circulating systems and energy optimization by recycling hot air are in practice.

We offer design, engineering, supply and commission the complete instrumentation system for multiple auto claves. We offer fully automatic instrumentation system for multiple auto claves, which can operate in parallel.

The control scheme includes inlet steam pressure control, steam consumption monitoring, Vacuum / pressure control inside the auto clave, Automatic temperature profile management, Steam control to maintain temperature, Steam transfer between auto claves, Automatic condensate removal system.

This inclusive of temperature profiling, humidification and de-humidification of the oven, air flow and distribution pattern monitoring and control, Oil circuit distribution, Oil preheating and recirculation.

The system can be designed with conventional single loop controller/ relay based for each autoclaves or common PLC system with SCADA system with real time values, trends, reports, histogram, alarm management etc..

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