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Blending Food and beverage production, Commercial products manufacturing process involves blending of ingredients and catalyst/ additive of solid or liquid in nature at proper ratio.

Generally same Mixer/ Blender is used for producing multiple products of different set of recipe. And also it is necessary to have unique batch number with process traceable system.

We can do design, engineering, supply and commission the complete instrumentation system for blending process.

A PLC based SCADA system, which stores product recipe, in which the it stores the various raw material, additives quantity, blending time for each product for unit volume.

By entering the required batch quantity, system calculates the required raw material quantity and populates on the screen. And on validation by operator, the system downloads the variables to the controller.

Also system sequencing the predefined operation as per the recipe management. The event management time stamping synchronized with process variables, helps in analyzing each batch. The system can be linked with ERP solutions to synchronize with production planning.

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