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Custody Metering Skids-

Custody Metering/ Fiscal Metering Skids for gases like Natural gas, Liquid Petroleum Gas, Crude oil, Edible oil, Solvents etc.. where two different agencies are involved in commercial bonding. The custody metering solution comply with an international/ National metrology standards, Contractual agreements between parties and Government regulation and taxation.

We offer complete design & engineering, fabrication, installation and commissioning of Natural Gas Pressure Reduction & Metering Skids. The RMS skid includes gas conditioning equipment like Knock out drum, Two stage filter separator/ Dry gas filters, Vane mist eliminator, Scrubber. It may be necessary to do temperature compensation for Joule Thomson effect using Water bath heaters – Electric/ Gas fired. The conditioned gas pressure is reduced in redundant pressure reduction station then measured at Custody metering as per AGA standards using single/ double chamber orifice assembly, Turbine/ Ultrasonic flow meter, Gas Chromatograph with flow computers with facility for integrating with plant level SCADA system with Telemetry for remote transmission.

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