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Dryer/ Oven -

Oven/ Dryer Glass and Ceramic / Refractory process involves dying of product at different stages of the process. This inclusive of control of Temperature profiling, humidification, de-humidification, air flow monitoring and control with automatic air distribution adjustment on real time to ensure the air flow circulation is uniform across the dryer.

We offer design, engineering, supply and commission the complete instrumentation system for dryers and ovens.

We offer a customized system to have accurate process control of different type of dryers and ovens.

This inclusive of temperature profiling, humidification and de-humidification of the oven, air flow and distribution pattern monitoring and control, Oil circuit distribution, Oil preheating and recirculation.

The humidification system and temperature profiling system are designed such that to keep minimum product losses, optimum drying time and better thermal efficiencies. We offer dedicated PLC per oven/ dryer and common plant wide SCADA system to display the real time value, trends, reports.

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