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Fluidized bed drying -

In a Fluidized bed dryer, the material is maintained suspended against gravity in an upward-flowing air stream. There may also be a horizontal air flow helping to convey the food through the dryer.

Heat is transferred from the air to the material, mostly by convection. Typical areas of application include Food, Diary products, Polymers, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Bio-chemicals…

We offer instrumentation package solution for : Solid feed control : Weigh system with load cell and discharge mechanism to fill the bed evenly. Hot air generator control – Direct heating. Combustion control, Fuel/Air ratio control. Thermic Oil Heater – Indirect heating. Combustion control, Air/ Fuel ratio control..

Oxygen trim, Supply/ Return oil heat balancing, Heat exchanger monitoring. Fluidized bed product temperature and hot air temperature measurements. Cyclone separator/ Dust collection system monitoring.

Hot air and Cold air flow rate and pattern control. Temperature profiling in Heating and Cooling cycles. Safety interlocks, Equipment protection alarms

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