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Mixing -

Mixing reactors for mixing of many ingredients, it is possible to use either a conventional batch mixer or a continuous blending system. Either parallel flow or sequential addition is employed depending upon the product. Combination of batch mixing and continuous blending is popular in most of the industries.

We offer solution in providing automatic mixing reactor control, which includes charging of solid/ liquid material.

We can provide both parallel and sequence charging of ingredients in the reactor using flow meters, weigh hopper by gravimetric or volumetric mode, ratio control between charging, addition of catalysts and dosing system for pH control, DO control, Heating/ Cooling profile control using Steam/Thermic Oil, Cooling/ Chilled water, Mixer pressure/ vent control, Condenser circuit in product recovery through vent, Scrubber in emission control etc...

The entire system is monitored & controlled on real time by using a simple single loop controller with recording facility or with PLC/ SCADA system to display real time data, trends, reports & alarms management.

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