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Natural Gas Regulating and Metering Skid

Natural gas RMS/TBS skids with pre gas conditioners like knock out drum, filter separators, dry gas filters, single/double stage pressure reduction ,liquid separators ,custody metering by turbine flow meter, single/double chamber orifice assembly, Ultrasonic flow meter with field/panel mounted flow computer compliance to AGA standards and remote monitoring telemetry for data.

Assures natural gas filtering – regulating- metering and is in fact an assembly of instruments, armatures and other fittings mounted in a type of metallic cabinet or heat insulating cabin. Through this entire assembly gas passes from a transmission network system to the distribution network system.

Pressure controls:

Insuring constant gas flow in gas systems, always at the required pressure level is our mission for more than 75 years. With the broadest range of models in the market we have always an optimal solution for any gas application.

Gas Treatment:

A range of filters, valves and accessories specifically designed for gas applications completing the offering of products necessary to create state of the art installations in compliance with the most demanding standards and codes.

Safety devices:

Controlling the energy is our task through products developed to keep under constant monitoring the process and the places and ready to stop any insurgent possibility of danger. For this we use Slam shut valves, Relief valves etc.

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