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Hydrogenation -

Hydrogenation is a chemical process that adds hydrogen atoms to the available double bonds in the vegetable oil. As the degree of hydrogenation increases, the amount of saturated fats increases and mono and polyunsaturated fats decrease.

Hydrogenation has many applications, familiar one is the reaction as the one used to make liquid oils into semi-solid oil and solid fats.

We offer hydrogen handling system for Auto Claves. This includes Hydrogen pressure reduction from the high pressure range of 150 bar to 2-3 bar G pressure, Hydrogen flow metering, Thermic oil circulation system, Auto clave vacuum control, Agitator water cooling circuit, Controlled vent system and Auto sampling system.

The entire system is designed with full safety interlocks, so that under eventuality of any mis-operation, the entire system is shutdown to safe mode.

We conduct HAZOP study to design the system. We offer conventional controller/ relay based system or with dedicated redundant PLC with SCADA system to display the real time value, trends, reports.

Multiple Autoclave can be connected to a common system, so that the sequence can be automated for effective utilization.

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