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Latex processing -

Latex/ Rubber process invariably consists of mixing, dispensing, dipping, compounding, former cleaning, drying, power removal, leaching etc..

The automation helps in optimizing the process, improving the product consistency with reduced manpower.

To make rubber products, the mix is shaped by placing it in a heated mold, which helps shape and vulcanize the material. Surgical gloves are made by dipping a ceramic form into latex, withdrawing the form, and then drying.

We offer automation solution, which inclusive of preparation & mixing of raw materials, pH automatic correction of additives in former acid cleaning tank, Hot water rinsing tank temperature control, temperature control for dryers, Coagulant preparation & automatic transferring to line dip tanks, leaching tank fresh water level and pH control, size sorting system, powder removal tumbler control, dry powder collection system to make it environmentally friendly.

The system is provided with small micro PLC with HMI for each stage and whole operation is monitored using Plant wide SCADA system with real time values, trends, histogram, batch production reports etc..

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