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Moisture Control -

Moisture Control Knowing the moisture content of the materials used throughout the food and baking process has become one of the most critical components in the industry.

It is also important to know the moisture content during the mixing stage in the food manufacturing process as water affects quality and consistency of the end product.

We do complete design, engineering, supply and engineering of moisture instrumentation control systems in Food processing. We offer temperature control system, either with direct or indirect heating systems. It can be also dehumidifier control system by independently controlling the humidity and temperature levels to control the moisture levels in the product.

We integrate the control system with a real time moisture analyzers to have continuous corrective action on real time. The entire system can be designed with dedicated single loop controller using conventional control panel or with dedicated PLC/SCADA system which provides data acquisition, alarm management, report etc.. The system can be seamlessly integrated with ERP solutions.

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