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ON/OFF Controller

For some systems, on-off signaling is sufficient.For example, a thermostat, when the heater is either on or off, and early cruise-control systems Could do airflow or speed control also More modern systems do it Depending on the frequency of control, overhead of on-off, etc, this could cause overshoots and undershoots (ripples) Oscillation is a common behavior in control systems Need to avoid it at all costs… well, almost all costs

Our Positive Displacement Meters have identical parts, except for housing thread connections. Magnetic Coupling Assembly is used on the register side of the meter. A low pressure seal is used on the sampler side when a sampler is used. Positive Displacement Meters are made up of five basic components: body, bridge, rotor, side plates and register. The fluid passing through the meter is divided into segments by the blades of the rotor. Three segments pass through the meter each time the rotor completes a revolution. By counting rotor revolutions, a measure of the fluid is obtained

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