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Reactors/ Converters -

Reactors can be batch or continuous, Reactors are designed to contain chemical reactions. The reactors can be Stirred Tank, Tubular, Packed bed, Fluidized bed reactor ..

Process reactors are used in Adhesives, Agriculture, Chemical, Cosmetics, Food & Beverage, Paints & Coating, Paper & Pulp processing, Pharmaceutical & Medical production, Plastics/Thermoplastic processing.

We offer customized instrumentation package solution to suit individual process reactors. Typical monitoring and control comprises of Inlet raw material feed control, Ratio Control, Cascade Control between two different feeds.

Additive/ Catalyst addition. pH, Dissolved Oxygen monitoring and dosing system, Foam monitoring and alarm , Speed monitoring and control. Temperature monitoring, profiling Heating/Cooling cycle automated control using Thermic Oil/ Steam, Cooling/ Chilled water inputs.

Reactor Pressure monitoring and vent control. Reactor vent scrubber controls. Nitrogen Blanketing circuit. Stand-alone controller based, Programmable Logic controller/ SCADA based system to cater entire reactor operation right from feed storage to finished product storage. Safety interlocks, Equipment protection alarms.

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