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Tank weighing -

Tank weighing is invariably used in Food & Beverage industries to have very accurate control of raw material addition. The entire tank need to be installed over a load cell and the control system used to control the raw material and catalyst addition. This eliminates the requirement of flow meters in the feed system.

We offer complete weigh system for tanker weighing, which can be either Leg or Lug mounted. The system can be linked with PLC control system to control the raw material addition and also product discharge. The system can be designed to have common control system for multiple mixing tanks, reactors so that uniform result can be achieved.

The system is especially useful, when multiple ingredients are added to produce a single product and also to have accurate mass balance and calculate the yield loss of the system operation. We also provide flexible links to isolate the tank from any fixed member. The weigh system over raw material and finished product storage tanks can be linked with inventory management system.

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