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Tannery wet processing -

Tannery wet process involves either fully automatic or semi-automatic process, where the drum automation, water batching, chemical preparation and dosing and hot water charging to the drum, pH measurement with certain process control. Multiple parallel drum charging , treatment and optimization of water resource are the success of efficient operation.

We offer a customized instrumentation solution for Textile dyeing and drying process. It can be continuous, semi-continuous or batch process.

We do complete design, engineering, supply and engineering of instrumentation control systems for wet processing in tannery industry.

The system offering include customized control system providing a complete solution for automation of all wet process in a tannery, including soaking, liming, tanning and dyeing.

The component includes complete drum automation, Batching water control, and chemical dosing system, recipe management and operation monitoring to suit individual tannery requirements.

Each drum and chemical preparation/ water area are provided with Micro PLC and standalone HMI unit for operator interface. The individual drum HMI are integrated with common SCADA system with real time trends, reports, alarms with facility for remote web enabled access.

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