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Tray Drying -

In Tray dryers, the material is spread out, quite thinly, on trays in which the drying takes place. Heating may be by an air current sweeping across the trays, by conduction from heated trays or by radiation from heated surfaces.

Most tray dryers are heated by air, which also removes the moist vapors. Typical area uses Tray ovens are Pharmaceuticals, Food, Cosmetics, Paints, Textiles used for drying Granules, Food, Powder and Chemicals.

We offer instrumentation package solution for : Solid feed control : Weigh system with load cell and discharge mechanism to fill the trays uniformly. Hot air generator control, Combustion control, Fuel/Air ratio control,Thermic Oil Heater,Combustion control, Air/ Fuel ratio control. Oxygen trim, Supply/ Return oil heat balancing, Heat exchanger monitoring.

Tray oven product temperature and hot air temperature measurements Tray Oven Humidity measurement and control Hot air sweep control, by automatic vane deflection control Waste heat recovery systems Temperature profiling in Heating and Cooling cycles. Safety interlocks, Equipment protection alarms

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